1. Home Button :

Will take you back to the starting screen

2. My Account:

Where you can view or update your information

3. Children you have access to:

Select the child's name so that you can view their information, grades, calendar, etc

4. Recent Events:

Grading term information for your children

5. Calendar:

View upcoming events and assignments for your selected child

6. Attendance:

View the selected child's attendance for the school year

7. Class Schedule:

View your selected child's schedule. The teacher's name is a hyperlink to their email address

8. Course History:

See your selected child's previous years course grades and if they are at the high school current GPA

9. Grade Book:

See an updated grade for your selected child, and see how they are doing in individual assignments.

10. Report Card:

See your selected child report cards and progress reports through the current year

11. School Information:

View the school's staff directory and email. The staff's name is a hyperlink to their email address.

12. Student Info:

See your selected child's emergency contact information, and if they are at the high school locker number.

13. Test History:

See your selected child's test scores for State Assessments and NWEA's for the current and previous years.

14. District Announcements:

Information that the district would like to highlight for you in ParentVUE.