Grade Book

Grade Book is an area where you should be seeing regular (at least weekly) updates for your child. Grade Book will list all your child's classes with their teacher's name and the current grade in their Grade Book.

**If you child is in K, 1, or 2 grades will not be updated here as these grades use a purely Standard model and you will be able to see how your child is doing in the Report Card section at the end of each Quarter.

If you click on the grade listed you can then see the assignments, their grades and how the grades are calculated.

You can email the teacher for the class by clicking on the teacher's name.

**For your children that are at the high school, in the grades that they are starting to implement Standards, you can see the standard that an assignment may be integrated with by clicking on the assignment and you will see the standards that the assignment aligns to and the score for the standards.

You can also see previous grading terms by clicking on the one you wish to view in the top right hand side the Grade Book screen.