ParentVUE has the lastest attendance information for your children. It will show your child absent in one of 5 ways:

  • Excused (Absence)
  • Excused Tardy
  • Unexcused Tardy
  • Unexcused (Absence)
  • Activity

Like Calendar you can change the way that you view the attendance. You can view it as a List View or as a Calendar View. The Calendar View will show the full month and you can go back and forth using the arrows.

The view in List View will also depend on whether your child is enrolled at the High School or not. The High School uses Period attendance and so it will show you the list by period. 7th Period is Advisory.

If you child goes to one of the other schools the view will be by the day as they do attendance daily.

If you have any questions with the attendance that you see in ParentVUE please call your child's school and they can then best direct you from there.